Ayan Biswas
Data Scientist
Los Alamos National Laboratory



Hello! I'm a Data Scientist
and Visualization Expert

I am passionate about using data to solve complex problems and designing intuitive visualizations to communicate insights. I work at Los Alamos National Laboratory and have experience in various big data domains, including exascale data sampling and  in-situ machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports and spending time with my family.


Los Alamos National Laboratory


Staff Scientist

Develop and implement machine learning workflows and data-driven solutions to support research projects in various fields, including climate, wildfire, materials science and space-weather. Provide mentoring to the students, postdocs and early career staffs. Engage in proposal writing. Collaborate within and outside the laboratory. 

Los Alamos National Laboratory


Postdoctoral Researcher

Developed GPU-enabled Gaussian Process code for 10x acceleration, performed code maintenance, deployment and release, published research papers

The Ohio State University


Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant

Assisted in research projects and data analysis for various academic studies and projects, assisted in teaching and grading graduate level courses



Software Engineer

Developed video codecs, was in charge of code maintenance,  delivery, and testing


The Ohio State University, USA


PhD and MS in Data Analysis and Visualization

Dissertation: Uncertainty and Error Analysis in the Visualization of Multidimensional and Ensemble Data Sets

Jadavpur University, India


Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering

Kanailal Vidyamandir, India


Elementary, Middle and High School


Data Analysis - Advanced

Data Visualization - Advanced

Machine Learning - Advanced

Python - Proficient

C/C++ - Proficient

High Performance Computing - Proficient


Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Expert in using statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to analyze complex data sets and generate insights.

Data Visualization for Complex Data 

Skilled in creating effective visualizations to communicate complex data and analysis results to a non-technical audience.

Programming and

Proficient in Python and C/C++ for data analysis and visualization. Skilled in using GPU programming